A Day in the Life of a PAAS National Analyst – Audits, Billing Questions and FWA/HIPAA support

With over 200 years of combined pharmacy experience and over 50 years of dedicated audit assistance experience, this PAAS National® analyst team is the best in the industry.

The PAAS Analyst team is made up of five pharmacists and three certified pharmacy technicians. Their job day in and day out is to be a member’s resource in:

Answering filling and billing questions

PAAS provides proactive education – a guiding light steering community pharmacies from trouble. Keep in mind the prescription claims you submit today may be the subject of an audit conducted a year or two from now. Audit-proof your pharmacy today, bill it correctly, and avoid future recoupments. PAAS can provide information on new wrinkles and requirements to safely bill a prescription.

FWA/HIPAA compliance guidance

PAAS Fraud, Waste & Abuse and HIPAA Compliance program members can get guidance to help avoid being caught off guard. Having a HIPAA expert on your side to navigate through the turbulent waters of a data breach or internal fraud investigation can help ensure that all appropriate steps are taken, and deadlines are not missed.

Preparing you for on-site and virtual audits

If you receive notification, your first step is to get the audit notice to PAAS. Your all-inclusive membership means there are no hidden fees or limits to the number of audits we provide assistance on. After receiving your notice, a PAAS Analyst will reach out to you within 2 business days for a customized, pre-audit consultation to guide you on next steps. PAAS is here to support you! Make PAAS part of your audit process, every time.

Review your prescriptions for desk audits

When reviewing prescriptions in preparation for an audit, it is helpful to reference the self-audit tool. Every prescription has required information that needs to appear on the original hard copy. Ask a PAAS analyst for assistance with your next audit to confirm you have the required information. If you receive an audit notification, your first step is to get the audit notice to PAAS.

Work with you on your audit appeals

Our team members are highly trained experts, here to help you! Even though it is best to involve PAAS from the very beginning with audits big or small, we provide guidance regardless, and will guide you through an appeal to help give you the best chance at favorable results.