• Fraud, Waste and Abuse & HIPAA Compliance Program

    Best in class program that is easy to use on a web-based platform. Customizable to your pharmacy operations, pharmacies get immense value for the resources available.

  • Easy to use Dashboard

    Management can check your program status and compliance tasks in seconds.

  • More than just FWA/HIPAA Compliance training

    Reports generated on demand to show evidence of completion.

  • Daily OIG & GSA exclusion list checks

    The Office for Civil Rights is no joke! The law requires a program customized to your pharmacy – not a one-size-fits-all. With PAAS, you get far more customization than any other program available.

Don’t miss your opportunity to join the best compliance program available to community pharmacies. Avoid being caught off-guard —  one pharmacy recently paid $196,929 for self-reporting an employee that should have been excluded from participation!

  • Easy interactive web solution

    The PAAS program is easy to use and maintain with the ability to customize and update the program to your operations.

  • Stay current with regulatory and enforcement changes

    PAAS frequently provides thorough updates to keep your program relevant.

  • History is safe and retrievable

    Renewing your membership retains your documentation history, continuity in training and exclusion checking.

  • Superior Training & Exclusion Checking

    Customized training designed for community pharmacies, with a proprietary exclusion checking process. Another compliance vendor missed 94% of the matches PAAS found.

    Exact matches are not common, but they do happen. PAAS has caught exact matches and notified pharmacy owners of immense trouble within a few business hours.

A pharmacy without the compliance program does not have their bases covered and required work finished. I can sleep at night knowing this program keeps me protected and on task.

PAAS National Fraud, Waste, Abuse and Compliance educational sessions are unsurpassed. The PAAS National Policy and Procedure manual that you create for your pharmacy is a must for all pharmacies to have for their staff. All of this keeps your pharmacy up to date with current pharmacy procedures and operations and ensure proper pharmacy practices going forward. Trent at PAAS National will spend as much time as you need to assist your pharmacy in compliance and confirm all required checks out.

We have been very pleased with both the FWAC/HIPAA and PAAS Audit Assistance programs. We use the FWAC program as a part of our staff trainings to help everyone understand some of the billing situations that could be interpreted as a problem for claim auditors. As a result we very rarely experience audit requests. They only two audit requests we have received this year were for expensive claims. One audit resulted in an initial response suggesting a partial penalty for one of the claims. With the help of PAAS staff, we responded to the audit requests and appealed the initial response without any recoupments byt the auditing PBM's. We have found participation in both of these programs to be a prudent investment.

We have been with PAAS for many years and added the FWAC/HIPAA material to our membership and as a compliance officer, I've never been more pleased with the program. If you have already made the best choice to have PAAS in your corner, then continue with the best for your FWAC/HIPAA needs.

Best product on the market for both [PAAS Audit Assistance and FWA/HIPAA Compliance].

Benefited from FWAC/HIPAA

The FWAC/HIPAA program allows us to easily comply with regulations.