• License tracking with the PAAS Vault

    Everything you need to keep track of licenses, certifications, business documents, and other important pharmacy records.

  • Private and secure electronic lockbox

    Every record locked into the PAAS Vault builds your comprehensive inventory. Access from anywhere you have internet. Add, View, Download and Print. As easy as taking a picture with a smartphone, you can add licenses, certifications, business documents, and other important pharmacy records.

  • Automatic reminders and alerts

    Built-in, scheduled reminders are sent to you and your team based on the record type, giving you a notification prior to expiration.

  • Safe and secure

    All records stored in one location. No more lost documents.

  • Store 11 types of records

    Licenses, Certifications, Business Associate Agreements, Insurance Policies and More

Keep all pharmacy records in one place, available 24/7/365

Built-in reminders and alerts for expiration dates.

Easily attach original records.

Safely and securely add, view, download and print.

Avoid lost records.

Credentialing made easier.

  • Track Employee Licenses

    Tracking employee licenses and records just got much easier. Verify employee records and attach. Reminders keep you on top of expirations.

  • Reminders and Alerts

    Reminders are sent to you and your team. A scheduled reminder cycle is incorporated for applicable record types. Before expiration and at expiration emails.

  • Rest Assured Safe and Secure

    All records in one location. Avoid lost documents. Find your records at any time.

  • EASY - Perfect fit with FWAC

    No setup – Ready-to-go. Optional add-on to FWA HIPAA.

  • Never Forget

    No worries, the PAAS Vault tracks expiration dates

  • Life Vest - Private and Secure Electronic Lockbox

    The PAAS Vault is your life vest to help you stay afloat. Information in the right place at the right time, when you need it, can be a lifesaver.

  • Central Storage

    One central location within your FWA/HIPAA Portal.

  • Inventory on all records

    Every record locked into the PAAS Vault builds your comprehensive inventory. 24/7 access from anywhere you have internet access. Easy-to-use attachment feature. Store original documents. Add, View, Download and Print. As easy a taking a picture with a smartphone.


    Licenses, Certifications, Business Associate Agreements, Insurance Policies and More

We are a small ma/pa shop. We renewed the PAAS Vault as we can see how easy it is for renewals during that time of the year.

We think it will be really convenient, as we currently keep separate personnel files. It is just a matter of finding the time to get everything in there, but nice that everyone will receive reminders.

Our pharmacy was previously in the need of a better way to track the expiration of our licenses, certificates, insurance, contracts, etc. The PAAS vault provided us the ability to have one web-based platform that was able to house the necessary documents needed to maintain compliance as well as track upcoming expiration dates. The trial has been very valuable. It has allowed me to play around with the features of this new service and see first-hand the benefit it provides to our compliance program. The part I like best is that I can attach physical documents as well as enter expiration dates where I can quickly see on the dashboard page upcoming expirations that need to be addressed. I would like to be able to use this service in an expanded way in the future. For example being able to store payer audit documents/findings, board of pharmacy inspection reports, and payer contracts for easy retrieval.

Just had a tech renew, and it was hands off for us! Loved it.

Going to be really useful. I forgot to renew one and that shouldn't happen now with the [PAAS] Vault program. About 2/3 of the way done entering info. I really like the reminders, so nothing slips through the cracks. Great safety net.

Took 5 minutes to check it out and see what it was all about. Currently using a competitor however renewed PAAS Vault to keep everything in one location! Big improvement from just tracking in a spreadsheet. Unlimited license uploads.

One program, having everything in one place will make it easier, going for one place for the inspection. Eg. earlier was looking for exclusion check list and had some trouble printing it so he called us and 2 minutes later had it. So we likes the same idea of the [PAAS] Vault and having everything at your finger tips and easily accessible. It is an easy application, easy to upload files, reminders auto send out and will save alot of last minute scrambling and headaches.

Keep track of licenses, as we currently just have reminders set-up on our calendar. The trial has been valuable to us, which is an add-on for FWAC members at $99/year after the trial period.