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    More audits, more insight with >5K pharmacies in all 50 states and Puerto Rico. PAAS is the industry-leading defender of community pharmacy dealings with Prescription Benefit Programs.

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    89% reduction in audit findings – 5-year average!

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    Working hard for you, PAAS has been defending community pharmacies since 1993. With proactive guidance and practical information members can use. PAAS helps keep money in your pocket.


That’s no joke. The team at PAAS National® is dedicated to helping you survive predatory audits, compliance issues, or whatever new trick PBMs are springing on you. The PAAS team is dedicated to helping you! We have five pharmacists and a complement of technician analysts with over 50 years of dedicated audit assistance experience. PAAS continuously updates their certified database with every audit received — in fact, we even keep a scorecard on individual auditors.

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The Present — Our Mission

PAAS National® is the industry-leading advocate and defender of community pharmacy dealings with Prescription Benefit Programs. PAAS helps fight for fair audit treatment, and is a guiding light, steering community pharmacists away from trouble and toward compliance with rules and regulations such as HIPAA and Fraud, Waste and Abuse.

The Future — Our Vision

PAAS will consistently continue to capture national recognition and respect as the best-in-class leader, setting cutting-edge industry standards by employing knowledge, support and service excellence to empower community pharmacies to thrive, not just survive.

Loyalty is Special.

Your loyalty is special to every member of the PAAS team — we treasure it. Our credo includes honesty in all dealings, integrity — always doing the right thing even when it is not the easiest path, and service — working longer, harder and smarter so we meet your expectations and keep your loyalty.

Our Partners

Thank you to our partners for their ongoing support. Our ability to advocate and help community pharmacies is much greater with their affiliation and collaboration.

Campbell's Pharmacy could not be more satisfied with the PAAS FWA/HIPAA Compliance program. We had a recent onsite audit from one of the larger PBMs and we were asked to provide the following information:

  • OIG statements with dates
  • Employee list
  • Policy and procedures for return to stocks
  • Policy and procedures for medication errors
  • Policy and procedures for recall items ( not in PAAS compliance package)
  • FWA certificates for entire staff
  • HIPPA certificates for entire staff

We were able to provide all the above information on the PAAS platform. Thank you again for providing such a great service!

We have used the audit assistance several times and have been very satisfied with the outcome and the quick response time.

The FWAC/HIPAA Compliance training is very user friendly. It is short and to the point. Very informative.

WOW! PAAS has been amazing in how they have helped our pharmacy with both 3rd party audits and with their FWA program. It is such a pleasure to work with people who I truly feel have our back. The advice and help in avoiding recoupments has been nothing short of incredible. It is so great to have a company like PAAS to assist in keeping the money we work so hard to earn. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you to all the staff and analysts that do such a great job every day. You all rock!

PAAS is amazing!!! From the FWA/HIPAA to the audit assist, we will never use anyone else. We had two big audits this year totally around $300,000 worth of claims. We keep amazing records but when we sent our documents to PAAS to review before we submitted, they were so helpful in identifying a few things that we did not see. I am glad to say that in both of these audits [the PBM] recouped $0. We are very pleased to have PAAS on our side and their expertise is priceless. Thank you PAAS!!!

You are indispensable for pharmacies. One cannot operate pharmacy in today's environment without your back up support. So thank you for being there for us.

PAAS is valuable for any independent pharmacy. It’s like a second set of eyes.

Everyone at PAAS is awesome!!!

PAAS Charts are helpful when you are doing insulin, eye drops, ointments, etc.

Newsline gives updates of current audit trends.

PAAS: Your BEST offense for prescription defense!!

Great product and service. It is great to have someone check behind you and provide insight!

Great tool to have. Cannot survive without PAAS.

I never want to do an audit without you guys!!  Y'all rock!!

Kind of like insurance. May not need them, but if you do, nice to know they are there!

We've been a member of PAAS since you began offering this service and I wouldn't want to be without it. The pre-audit advice is spot on and PAAS has the knowledge and experience to help deal with any audit discrepancies. When we receive and audit notification we don't panic, we call PAAS. They're on our side!

The last two desk audits I have had from Prime Therapeutics have been a $0 recoupment. Thanks to PAAS they have been a GIANT help preparing the paperwork! The FWAC makes my job so much easier to stay compliant too. Thank you so much PAAS National. In this crazy world of independent pharmacy you make my job a little easier!

I had an audit by CVS Caremark, discrepancy was $3,521.23. The report had $1,500 of non-contestable discrepancy and the auditor specifically told me that there is nothing I can do about those. PAAS differed and told me to get further documentation to submit nonetheless. I did, even though my PSAO also told me that I can't contest them. The final result of my audit was less than $30. Thanks to PAAS National, they saved me $3,500.

I had worked with PAAS in trying to resolve an Express Scripts audit. I had initially filled out the appeal paperwork myself to no avail. However, while working with PAAS National and understanding the method to submit for a final appeal, I was able to recover everything [$6,800] that Express Script had audited me. Thank you PAAS National.

I recently went through an on-site audit of prescriptions processed by Optum Rx. Having been a PAAS member for many years, my staff is very familiar with the "$500 mind-set" when filling prescriptions and routinely follow the days supply charts that PAAS provides for inhalers, eye drops and insulins. When combining this day to day audit mentality with the excellent pre-audit assistance and advice PAAS provided me, I was well prepared and my staff handled audit day in a calm, organized manner. I was ecstatic when I received the post audit written notice that the auditor's findings represented an overpayment of $0.00 (Zero dollars)! I am sure that the main reason my pharmacy did so well is because of my PAAS membership and the assistance they provided me during the audit process. Thanks PAAS, I could not have done so well without you!