A Lifeline for Pharmacy Audits

“Five letters strike fear in the hearts of pharmacists all around: audit. In 2022, audits are on the rise, and pharmacies need to be on guard. Luckily, Trent Thiede can guide you through the process of your next audit. Trent is the President of PAAS National®, an audit assistance service dedicated to helping pharmacies survive predatory audits, compliance issues, and whatever new tricks PBMs keep up their sleeves. In this episode, Trent explains how you can stay prepared, proactive, and protected next time your pharmacy faces an audit,” stated Pioneer Rx Pharmacy Software.

Join Trent Thiede, President of PAAS National® in the most recent podcast A Lifeline for Pharmacy Audits, hosted by Jeff Key, President of PioneerRx and Marsha Bivins, Director of Marketing of PioneerRx