Announcing the PAAS Rx Days’ Supply Calculator App

Pharmacy staff face numerous challenges in managing prescriptions effectively. Manually calculating the appropriate quantity or days’ supply of medications can be time-consuming and prone to errors, creating the potential for PBM audits. We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Rx Days’ Supply Calculator app, a revolutionary tool designed to simplify calculations for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. Developed by PAAS National®, this innovative app aims to enhance accuracy and offer guidance on dispense quantities and billable days’ supply.

The PAAS Rx Days’ Supply Calculator offers a user-friendly interface designed to enhance efficiency and empower pharmacy staff with confidence:

  • Accurate Calculations: Incorrect days’ supply calculations can lead to a myriad of issues – from patients receiving the wrong amount of medication to claim rejections and audit triggers. The app provides precise calculations for dispense quantities and billable days’ supply, tailored to various dosage forms, including insulin, topical creams and ointments, Santyl® dosing, and eye drops.
  • Billing Guidance: Billing complexities often pose challenges, but our easy-to-use calculator tool offers guidance on dispense quantities and billable days’ supply.
  • Seamless Recordkeeping: The app generates PDF documents with additional PAAS billing guidance, facilitating seamless recordkeeping processes for pharmacies. This feature enhances efficiency, minimizes errors, and elevates your pharmacy operations – because accuracy matters.

We invite you to be proactive and experience the benefits of the PAAS Rx Days’ Supply Calculator today. Download the app for a free 7-day trial ($5.99/year thereafter) by visiting the Apple App Store or Android Google Play Store, or check out the website at