Are You Missing Audit Communications?

PAAS National® analysts have recently seen many PBMs and audit contractors send communications, including audit letters, to network pharmacies via email instead of facsimile or postal mail. In most cases, these emails are sent to the address on file via your NCPDP Pharmacy Profile.

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One audit contactor, Conduent Payment Integrity Solutions, sends an email that includes an “acknowledgement” box within the email that pharmacies must click on to confirm receipt of the email. If the email is not acknowledged, then Conduent will send additional communications to confirm receipt.

PAAS Tips:

  • Ensure your NCPDP pharmacy profiles are up-to-date, particularly your email address and fax number
  • Choose your preferred email address carefully – it should be an email inbox that is attended to frequently (perhaps daily)
    • Consider if the email inbox should be accessible to management only or any staff member
    • If an audit email is “acknowledged” but not escalated to the appropriate person(s), it could put the pharmacy in a bind unnecessarily

Eric Hartkopf, PharmD