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PAAS Defends Community Pharmacies by Engaging DME Medicare Administrative Contractor CGS

In our August Newsline Standard Written Order and Medicare Part B Audit Risks – New Guidance, we shared a few examples some of our members are having on audit results regarding their Standard Written Order (SWO). Beyond writing the Newsline, PAAS National® also reached out and engaged nurse medical reviewers with CGS about our concerns on the three topics below.

Standard Written Order and Medicare Part B Audit Risks – New Guidance

If you are a Medicare Part B provider, then you know how cumbersome a Medicare Part B audit can be. For most Medicare Part B audits, a pharmacy would be required to provide a valid Standard Written Order (SWO), medical records to support the diagnosis and continued need of the item, proof of delivery, and proof of refill request if mailing or delivering supplies.

Post-PHE Claim Submission Requirements for Continuous Glucose Monitors

Now that the PHE has ended and CMS is enforcing clinical indications for CGMs and supplies, pharmacies are left wondering what will happen with continued or refilled claims for CGM related supply items initially provided during the PHE under the waiver/non-enforcement.