Entries by Jennifer Ottman, CPhT

What’s New with Prescription Validation Requests in 2024?

In the PAAS National® January 2024 Newsline article PBM Validation Requests Rose 123% in 2023 – What You Need to Know, we discussed the PBM trends we saw in 2023. Below is a list of drugs reviewed and analyst comments that have been compiled through the first six months of 2024 for comparison.

OptumRx Continues to Cause Headaches!

PBMs monitor, and flag, migraine medications due to excessive cost, quantities submitted, days’ supply (and/or frequency of refills) and vague instructions.

Are You Prepared for a Spravato® Audit?

PAAS National® has seen audits with full claim recoupments being requested as a result of missing dosage and frequency instructions, as well as incomplete dispensing records. To minimize the risk of a Spravato® claim being recouped during an audit, consider the following PAAS tips …

NDC Numbers: Not a Guarantee of FDA Approval

A common misconception that pharmacies have is that if a product has an NDC (National Drug Code) number that means it is approved by the FDA – unfortunately, this is not the case.

Miebo™ Eye Drops – What is the Days’ Supply?

Miebo™ is the first and only prescription eye drop used to treat dry eye syndrome by directly targeting tear evaporation. PAAS National® has fielded several calls regarding Miebo™ asking how to calculate the days’ supply.

DMEPOS Updated Refill Request and Affirmative Response Requirements

Medicare Part B/DMEPOS billing and documentation rules are VERY different from most of your pharmacy claims. If you don’t have a strong grasp of these differences, or a process for handling the documentation, then you are sure to experience significant problems during an audit.