Entries by Meredith Thiede, PharmD

XDEA Numbers Have Been NiXed…but Not the Training

When you are preparing for an audit, a PAAS National® analyst has likely told you to ensure a prescriber’s Drug Addiction Treatment Act (DATA) 2000 Waiver ID, or XDEA number, is included on prescriptions for medications used to treat opioid use disorder along with their regular DEA number.

Product Substitution Best Practices

Consider a scenario where your pharmacy has been dispensing a product for years and you find that the product is being discontinued, requiring a product substitution.

Breaking Insulin Pen Boxes: Where Are We Now?

This month marks two years since the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clarified their intentions behind revising insulin pen labeling, yet insulin pen boxes continue to present issues to pharmacies trying to establish best practices surrounding its dispensing and billing.