Entries by Sara Hathaway, PharmD

Recent DEA Rule Change – Partial Fills for Schedule II Controlled Substances

The DEA recently updated the rule regarding partial fills of Schedule II (C-II) prescriptions. Pursuant to the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act (CARA) of 2016, pharmacies are allowed to partial fill any C-II (e.g., stimulants, opioids, etc.) at the request of the prescriber, or the patient, as long as all the following criteria are met …

Insulin For a Pump: The Recoupment You Never Saw Coming

There are many billing pitfalls related to insulin claims, which is why auditors love to target them. The claim can face recoupment for a missing or incorrect strength, formulation, substitution, days’ supply calculation and so on, but one recoupment many pharmacies never see coming is insulin for a pump being inappropriately billed.