COVID-19 Resources

PAAS National® was proud to support you during the PHE for COVID-19 and we want to thank you for your endurance, perseverance, and service to our communities. Due to the PHE ending, resources on this page have changed. Please contact PAAS for the most up-to-date information.

COVID-19 Vaccine Self Attestation
First released 9/27/2021, last updated 8/3/2023

COVID-19 PBM Concessions
First released 5/2020, last updated 5/9/2023

COVID-19 Audit Considerations
First released 4/2020

Medicare and Commercially Insured Patient Request and Attestation for OTC COVID-19 Test Billing
Last updated 4/4/2022

Medicare and Commercially-Insured OTC COVID-19 Tests Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
First released 2/2/2022, last updated 4/4/2022

Webinar: PBM FWA Trends and COVID-19 Vaccine Audit Risks
Recorded: 11/18/22

We want to help you stay informed of PBM requirements to help keep your staff, patients, and business safe. The above resources were sent to our members upon the initial release, and members are the first to know any updates, as we are in a consistent evolving state and receiving daily updates from PBMs. Become a PAAS Member Today – call 608-873-1342 or online at

PBMs will continue to use any technical discrepancy to deny claims on an audit, and these temporary waivers only increase the likelihood that pharmacies will face recoupments. PBMs will be auditing this time period, specifically looking to recoup high dollar claims without supporting documentation – in FULL.