Getting Help with an Audit

Oh no! You just received an audit, now what? First step is to get your audit notice to PAAS National® as soon as you receive them.

Pre-audit assistance steps:

  1. Call (608) 873-1342 to get a case step-up for your incoming audit notice
  2. Send in your audit, one of three ways and please reference the case number upon sending in:
    • Email the audit notice to
    • Fax to (608) 873-4009
    • Upload an audit on the PAAS Member Portal under “Access Services” in the left hand navigation
  3. Upon receiving your notice, a PAAS Analyst will reach out to you within 1-2 business days to guide you on next steps and documentation collection.

Post-audit/appeal assistance:

  1. Get your audit results to PAAS as soon as you receive them via email or fax (608) 873-4009, please reference the case number upon sending in. Note: If you don’t have a case set-up with us from pre-audit assistance, please call (608) 873-1342 to start a case.
  2. Upon receiving the results, a PAAS Analyst will review your results and provide appeal guidance as soon as possible.


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  • Send all pages of audit notice to PAAS before you start document collection
  • All audits have deadlines, time is of an essence for getting PAAS the notice and/or appeals. The more time we have the better.
  • When additional information is requested, organize documents in order as per the audit notice
  • If you have multiple pages, numbering the pages has provided many benefits including:
    1. Better organization
    2. Ensuring nothing is missing
    3. Making phone calls with PAAS team or PBM auditor more efficient