Humana Compliance Requirements – Training and Exclusion Checks Are Not Enough

PAAS National® analysts have received several questions regarding Humana’s 2022 Notice of Program Requirements. Humana’s Compliance Policy for Contracted Healthcare Providers explicitly states pharmacies must have a compliance program that meets the seven elements outline by CMS, including written policies, procedures and standards of conduct. Per the 2022 Pharmacy Compliance Education and Training Requirements FAQs: “Humana reserves the right to request documentation (e.g., policies and tracking records) confirming that your organization has an effective compliance program that meets the requirements outlined in the Compliance Policy and Standards of Conduct.”

PAAS’ Fraud, Waste & Abuse and HIPAA Compliance program keeps members compliant beyond training and exclusion checking. Since 2009, the program was designed to meet these CMS requirements, with the full support of our expert staff – pharmacists just like you, with years of experience helping community pharmacies with FWA and HIPAA compliance.

If you aren’t a member of FWA/HIPAA and are interested in saving $126 on your membership, please contact PAAS at (608) 873-1342 to become an Elite member.

PAAS Tips:

    1. Members can contact PAAS (608) 873-1342 if you have any questions
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    3. See August 2021 Newsline article Humana Audit Program Updates