LifeScan Continues to Pursue Pharmacies Purchasing from Unauthorized Distributors

Test strip manufacturers sit in a unique position when it comes to monitoring nonprescription diabetic supply purchasing and dispensing. Manufacturers acquire purchase histories from authorized distributors regarding the volume of test strip products ordered by a pharmacy. Additionally, manufacturers can obtain information regarding the amount of test strip-associated rebates paid to PBMs by NCPDP number. With simple math, the manufacturer can identify when a pharmacy has not ordered diabetic test strips from a source they authorize.

This has occurred repeatedly with Lifescan, with recoupment demands last seen in 2021. Like previous communications, these letters are borderline extortionary – demanding payment in a short time and threatening to notify PBMs for non-compliance.

PAAS National® has assisted on numerous cases pertaining to test strip manufacturers (and PBMs) trying to recoup funds on the premise of pharmacies utilizing unauthorized distributors. PAAS can help your pharmacy further navigate the demand. If you’ve been contacted by LifeScan, be protected and contact PAAS (608) 873-1342 to get guidance and one-on-one support from a PAAS analyst.