On-Demand Webinar: Don’t Give PBMs a Reason to Audit (Or Terminate): Off-Label Drug Use and Compliance Requirements

On November 9, 2022 PAAS National® hosted “Don’t give PBMs a reason to audit (or terminate): Off-label drug use and compliance requirements” webinar. PAAS Audit Assistance members have access to the recorded webinar, in addition to many other tools and resources on the PAAS Member Portal.

For easy viewing, we’ve split the webinar into three separate recordings.

  1. PBM Fraud, Waste & Abuse Compliance Program Requirements
  2. Does My Pharmacy Really Need Cultural Competency Training?
  3. What are the Audit Risks for Dispensing Prescriptions Off-Label? which includes:
    • Can Ozempic® and MounjaroTM be used off-label for weight loss?