Top 10 PAAS National Articles of 2023

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The top 10 Newsline articles for 2023 include:

  1. Discount/Cash Cards Are Disruptors in the Industry
  2. Recent DEA Rule Change – Partial Fills for Schedule II Controlled Substances
  3. Best Practices for Dispensing GLP-1 Medications and Reducing Recoupment Risk
  4. Are Your Delivery/Signature Logs PBM Compliant for 2023?
  5. Audit Target: Linzess® Prescriptions
  6. Auditors Crack Down on Pharmacies That Bypass Plan Limits
  7. Auditors’ Latest Trick for Flagging “Misfilled” Prescriptions
  8. Audit Trap: OptumRx’s Provider Manual Requirements
  9. Beware: Caremark is Monitoring High Quantity Utilization and Atypical Dispensing Habits
  10. Invoice Audits Are on the Rise – Are You Prepared for Success?

Top eNewsline Exclusives: Articles that did NOT make print

  1. Billing Guidance: When to Use DAW 0 vs DAW 9
  2. Be On the Lookout for Prescription Reversal Requests from Humana
  3. Alleged Inattentiveness to Details Costs Pharmacy $70,000
  4. Humana Provides Update on GLP-1 Prescriptions
  5. An Easy Procedural Change That Will Prevent Recoupments
  6. Caremark Resumes Signature Log Requirements Effective May 12, 2023
  7. Insulin For a Pump: The Recoupment You Never Saw Coming

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