Announcing Premier Cultural Competency Training by PAAS National

Beyond PBM requirements and NCPDP attestations, pharmacies need to provide services to all patients in a culturally competent manner – free of discrimination. The PAAS Cultural Competency Training uses real-life, pragmatic examples to serve as a launching pad for enhancing patient experiences at your pharmacy. PAAS’ unique approach to training ensures its content resonates with all pharmacy staff, making the goal of cultural competence achievable, across the board.

Developed by community pharmacists for community pharmacies, discover the PAAS CARE model difference:

  • Provide Culturally Competent and Linguistically Appropriate Services to patients
  • Learn to “Ask the Right Questions”
  • Identify Limited English Proficiency patients and provide necessary services
  • Explore Reasons for Non-Adherence to Prescriptions
  • Gain Knowledge about Various Cultures
  • Hear about real-life applications of culturally competent care
  • Training documented and retained in the PAAS Member Portal
  • Reduce your risk of legal ramifications through education and training

If done correctly, pharmacies also have the opportunity to elevate their business. Become the more competitive pharmacy in your town and get the PAAS Cultural Competency Training Program today! Learn more at or contact PAAS at (608) 873-1342 or