Appropriate Billing for CeQur SimplicityTM Patch and Insulin

CeQur SimplicityTM is a meal-time insulin patch which can be worn for up to three days and is designed to replace up to nine meal-time insulin doses for type 1 or type 2 diabetic patients. The patch delivers rapid-acting insulin in 2-unit doses through a flexible cannula by depressing two buttons, one on each side of the patch.

Use the following information when billing CeQur Simplicity TM patches and the rapid-acting insulin used within the patch to decrease your risk of recoupment upon audit.

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CeQur Simplicity TM 2-unit device, 10 each per box NDC 73108-0000-01
CeQur Simplicity TM Inserter (reusable), 1 each per box NDC 73108-0001-00
Number of priming units needed per patch 20 units
Minimum fill volume 100 units
Maximum fill volume 200 units
Maximum wear time 3 days
Water-resistant To a depth of 1 meter for up to 30 minutes
Equation to calculate the amount of insulin needed per patch (daily bolus insulin use in units) x (# of days) + 20 priming units


PAAS Tips:

  • Bill one 10-count box of CeQur Simplicity TM patches as “10 EA”; the proper days’ supply will be determined by the patient’s insulin utilization and should never be more than a 30-day supply per 10 patches
    • Example: CeQur SimplicityTM, #10 + 11 refills; use with Novolog U-100 insulin up to 18 units TID; change patch every 3 days; bill # 10 as a 30-day
  • CeQur SimplicityTM patches are disposable and NOT durable, therefore, the patches and the insulin to be used within the patch are not covered under a patient’s Medicare Part B/DMEPOS benefit
  • Be sure the patient receives one CeQur Simplicity TM Inserter when they begin using the CeQur SimplicityTM patch; the patient should call the manufacturer if a replacement inserter is needed
  • Include the 20 priming units of insulin in the days’ supply calculation of the rapid-acting insulin; below is a sample calculation
    • Prescription: Novolog® U-100, 30 mL + 11 refills; administer up to 18 units TID using CeQur SimplicityTM patch
    • Amount of insulin needed per patch: (18 units TID) x (3 days/patch) + 20 priming units = 182 units
    • Amount of insulin needed for the corresponding #10 CeQur patches: 10 patches x 182 units/patch = 1,820 units total (18.2 mL)
    • Suggested billing: 20 mL = 32 days’ supply -OR- 10 mL = 16 days’ supply

Sara Hathaway, PharmD