Auditors Scrutinize Printed Electronic Prescriptions!

PAAS has observed audit results from Humana where electronic prescriptions are marked as invalid (INVP) due to missing electronic elements. Humana results have stated “Hard copy provided does not contain an electronic physician’s signature, SPI number, Transaction Number, or Message ID.”  Software systems often have multiple ways to print an electronic prescription. When a pharmacy prints an electronic prescription for audit purposes, be aware of the electronic prescription requirements and ensure they are present.

PAAS Tips:

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  • Be proactive and self-audit your electronic prescriptions to make sure required elements are present on the printed copy
    • SPI = Prescriber’s Surescripts Provider ID number
    • Message ID or Transaction ID number = assigned to each e-prescription by the prescriber’s application when it is written
    • Date and Time Stamp
    • Electronic Signature
  • Contact your software vendor if any of the above elements do not show up on a copy of your electronic prescription
  • Make sure your electronic prescription copies are valid for audit purposes to help avoid recoupments

Jennifer Ottman, CPhT