Entries by Dana Westberg, CPhT

Yes, OTC COVID-19 Tests Can Be Audited!

Dispensing OTC COVID-19 tests is widespread through community pharmacies. Pharmacies must be aware that submitting claims to PBMs for these tests opens the window for auditing. Ensuring you have procedures in place to accurately purchase, bill and dispense these home tests is imperative. While the dollar amount of these claims does not seem audit worthy, PBMs will be checking for Fraud, Waste and Abuse and contract violations.

Caremark® Turns Up the Heat on Proof of Copay Collection Requests

PAAS National® is seeing a rising number of Caremark® audits requesting proof of copay collection. This requested information may be included in a desk, virtual onsite, or invoice audit. The number of claims requested can range from just a few claims to all dates of fill for several prescriptions.

Updated PAAS National® Dispense In Original Container Chart

Dispensing medications outside of FDA packaging requirements may put your claims at risk of recoupment. Medications sensitive to light and/or moisture may require pharmacies to dispense the medication in the original container.

MedImpact is Turning Up the Heat on FWA Investigations

PAAS National® has recently received several FWA audit results requiring the pharmacy to submit additional, and arduous, supporting documentation. Pharmacies need to be aware of the audit risks for medications with high Average Wholesale Prices (AWP) and narrow FDA approved indications (e.g., Pennsaid®). Significant time and effort must be put forth by the pharmacy, prescriber and potentially the patient, to support these claims.

Are You Violating PBM Return to Stock Policies? (including New PAAS Chart)

PAAS National® continues to see pharmacies losing money due to violating PBM Return to Stock policies. Each PBM sets a timeframe that unclaimed prescriptions must be reversed and returned to stock. Full recoupment of the claim can occur when a PBM discovers prescriptions are dispensed to patients outside this timeframe. Staying up to date on Return to Stock requirements is imperative.