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LTC Is Different … Do Auditors Agree?

PAAS National® analysts frequently assist pharmacies that service LTC facilities. Three audit flags PAAS analysts frequently see for LTC pharmacies

Update to PAAS’ Onsite Credentialing Guidelines

PAAS National® has created an Onsite Credentialing Guidelines, an extensive checklist to assist PAAS members with scheduled and/or unexpected visits from PBM auditors. Unannounced visits can catch pharmacy staff off guard when the Pharmacist-in-Charge (PIC) is not present.

Is Your Pharmacy Ready for an Unannounced Audit?

Pharmacies are often startled with the limited amount of time a PBM offers prior to an onsite audit. However, PBM auditors, DEA agents, FDA inspectors and state Board of Pharmacy inspectors can also make unannounced visits.