Caution with Script Care Audits

PAAS National® has seen a rise in desk audits from Script Care. While this PBM may not be familiar to some pharmacies, we would like to share specific information they have been looking for on their audits.

Prescriptions we have frequently seen flagged discrepant are:

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  • DAW Code Error
    • This plan is very specific about the appropriate terminology on the prescription per each states’ guidelines. (e.g., “Brand Medically Necessary”)
  • REMS Requirements
    • Prescriptions that do not have appropriate documentation, including REMS requirements, are frequently flagged
    • Applicable medication guides
    • See the FDA website for REMS requirements
  • Clinically Inappropriate
    • Prescriptions for off-label use and dosage or instructions that are outside FDA guidelines may require current literature to validate the prescription

Script Care does not currently have a Provider Manual; however, PAAS has been informed that they plan to release one soon.

Remember to send in any audit request upon first receiving and a PAAS analyst will be happy to assist you through the audit process. You can send in your audits by fax (608) 873-4009, email or upload to our portal available on our website under Access Services.

Dana Westberg, CPhT