Elixir Audit Notice Delivery Methods

What is worse than receiving an audit notice? Receiving audit results which state “NRS – No Response to Audit Request” when the pharmacy never received the audit notice. Although pharmacies could potentially not receive an audit notice with any PBM, PAAS National® has commonly seen this be an issue with Elixir. In instances where the pharmacy did not respond to the audit, Elixir recoups on all fill dates for the prescription numbers instead of the originally audited fill date only.

So, how can pharmacies prevent audit notices from not being delivered or being missed in the shuffle?

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One option is to change the audit delivery method to email. The Elixir Pharmacy Audits Department states pharmacies can send an email informing them of their desire to update their delivery preference with “up to two email addresses to be programmed for future audit communications”. It is therefore suggested that pharmacies take the following steps to ensure delivery of audit notices:

  • Email PharmacyAudits@elixirsolutions.com to update your preferred audit notice delivery method to be electronic communication via email, adding up to two email addresses.
  • Add the Elixir email address to your safe senders list
  • Periodically check junk/spam folders
  • Many PBMs refer to a pharmacy’s NCPDP profile for contact information to use when communicating, including sending audit notifications. Ensure you keep your fax number and email address accurate to reduce the likelihood of missing important communications.
  • Contact PAAS (608) 873-1342 to help guide you through the appeals process

Meredith Thiede, PharmD