NEW PAAS Resource – Printable Signature Logbook

Many pharmacies have made the switch to electronic signature log capture, but paper signature logs have not gone away. Some pharmacies choose to maintain all signature logs through a paper log but those with an electronic signature capture system may still find themselves with the need for a paper signature log. Common reasons for paper logs include:

  • Electronic system outage
  • Curbside pick up
  • Delivery

To aid our member pharmacies in having appropriate documentation on their paper signature logs, PAAS National® is now offering a free printable signature book. To access this new tool, log onto the PAAS Portal, visit the Forms tab then download and the 400+ page Signature Logbook. Send the pdf to your local print shop and have them create a bound book. The form includes a place to document the date filled, acceptance or refusal of a consultation, prescription number, third party program, date picked up, signature, and more!

PAAS Tips:

  • Print at least one copy of the Signature Log Book to be used in the event of a system outage
  • An order form for the PAAS National® bound signature logbook is no longer required; simply log into the PAAS Portal and download the pdf of the Signature Logbook free of charge
Sara Hathaway, PharmD