NEW PAAS Tool Available – The Insulin Flow Chart You NEED to Download Today!

Our PAAS National® Analyst team is at it again! A new tool has been developed to address and correct a common audit recoupment issue. Insulin remains at the heart of nearly all audits. Pharmacies often face recoupment for undocumented substitution (of non-interchangeable biologic drugs), dispensing more than the plan limit, billing an incorrect days’ supply (resulting in a subsequent early refill) and recoupment for non-calculable directions. In the May 2023 Newsline article, Insulin For a Pump: The Recoupment You Never Saw Coming, PAAS reminded pharmacies about a very different discrepancy seen on audit results—incorrectly billing insulin for a pump.

There is a complicated series of questions which must be answered when billing insulin, for patients who qualify for Medicare, to determine which of the patient’s Medicare benefits is the proper payor. Even pharmacies not enrolled to bill Medicare Part B [for insulin for a pump] need to go down this proverbial rabbit hole to determine the correct payor. Insulin claim(s) billed inappropriately to a patient’s Medicare Part D benefit could be fully recouped upon audit.

The new tool, Considerations for Billing Insulin Vials, provides a flow-chart of questions for pharmacy staff billing and verifying insulin. Designed as a quick reference guide for staff, it provides four pivotal questions used to determine if Medicare Part D or Part B is the appropriate payor. Visit the Proactive Tips section of the PAAS Member Portal to download a copy of this new tool today! 

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Sara Hathaway, PharmD