PAAS National® Announces USP 800 Compliance Program

PAAS National® is excited to announce the USP 800 Compliance Program for community pharmacies. Developed by community pharmacists, PAAS brings you a community pharmacy tailored approach to USP 800 operational needs.

“Empowering community pharmacies with best-in-class, web-based programs to ensure employee safety and maintain pharmaceutical standards are at the forefront of our priorities. Compliance with USP 800 reinforces our commitment to community pharmacies in reducing their liability while improving patient safety and upholding the highest industry standards in handling hazardous drugs,” stated Carmen Fusselman, Vice President at PAAS National®. “PAAS will provide you with the information necessary to implement a fully functional USP 800 Compliance Program with the least necessary interruption to your day-to-day business.”

The PAAS USP 800 Compliance Program will reduce a pharmacy’s exposure to hazardous drugs through physical processes, written policies and training to ensure compliance with USP 800.

If you would like more information about PAAS USP 800 Compliance Program, please visit or contact PAAS National® at (608) 873-1342 or

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