PAAS Pit Stop: The Member Portal

The PAAS Member Portal is a wealth of information and resources, whether you are part of the Audit Assistance and/or  Fraud, Waste, & Abuse and HIPAA Compliance Program. To get the most out of your membership, keep an accurate and up-to-date employee list.

Audit Assistance members: ensuring each staff member is entered into the PAAS Member Portal, along with a separate email address, allows for the entire staff to receive the monthly Newsline with current audit trends, proper filling & billing practices, hot topics, and more. They also have access to search seven years of eNewsline articles in our archive. Additionally, staff will have access to PAAS’ Tools & Resources, with billing charts, guidance documents, and on-demand webinars.

Fraud, Waste, & Abuse and HIPAA Compliance Program members: keeping your PAAS Member Portal current allows you to stay compliant. PAAS completes daily OIG & GSA exclusion checks, which goes beyond the federal expectation of exclusion checks being conducted upon hire and monthly thereafter. It allows the admin and compliance officer to generate a report reflecting when each employee last completed their FWA and HIPAA training and exclusion list check for the specific time frame being requested from the auditor.

In addition, if the auditor is looking for a specific policy or procedure, you can download your pharmacy’s customized FWA/HIPAA compliance manual and print off the corresponding pages of the policy or procedure they are requesting. For onsite audits, utilize PAAS’ onsite credentialing checklist to cross reference policy sections in your manual the auditor may ask for. This provides the auditor with much of the compliance components looked for during an audit in a fraction of the amount of paperwork and time.

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