Trent, PharmD, MBA


Years at PAAS
Since August 2018

Green Bay, WI

Hunting, soccer, the Green Bay Packers, the UW Badgers, road biking, cross-country skiing

On My Bucket List
To visit Australia

Favorite Movies
Armageddon, Star Wars

Favorite Audit Tip
Engage PAAS early in the process and be mindful of deadlines. The PBMs will not give you any breaks, so make sure you work with us to submit complete and accurate information.

I started working at Shopko, a community pharmacy, in high school. Shopko was a regional chain, and I worked there for 15 years, holding positions as Pharmacy Manager and Regional Pharmacy Supervisor while completing my PharmD from UW-Madison and MBA from UW-Oshkosh. In 2013, I took over Shopko’s Long-Term Care division and helped divest it to KPH HealthCare (aka Kinney Drugs/HealthDirect). I helped grow their business throughout the Midwest, eventually servicing 20,000 beds in under four years.

I have always been involved in pharmacy audits, and hated recoupments, but didn’t see all the opportunities to combat audits the way PAAS does. PAAS is a small, family-orientated company, and I appreciate the opportunity to help independent pharmacies be more successful.