Yes, OTC COVID-19 Tests Can Be Audited!

Dispensing OTC COVID-19 tests is widespread through community pharmacies. Pharmacies must be aware that submitting claims to PBMs for these tests opens the window for auditing. Ensuring you have procedures in place to accurately purchase, bill and dispense these home tests is imperative. While the dollar amount of these claims does not seem audit worthy, PBMs will be checking for Fraud, Waste and Abuse and contract violations.

PAAS National® has created a COVID-19 Resources section for our members on the PAAS Member Portal. Here you can find the Patient Request and Attestation for OTC COVID-19 Test Billing and Frequently Asked Questions. These documents have been created for our members to help answer questions and ease the documentation burden so pharmacies can save time and be audit ready.

Recently, a PAAS member received an audit request and results for an invoice audit targeting OTC COVID-19 tests. The audit was for a very short time frame and the PBM had already contacted patients to verify what manufacturer and quantity of tests the patient had received. Only tests that have been authorized by the FDA should be billed and dispensed. You can find a list of approved tests here.

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Dana Westberg, CPhT