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Announcing the new PAASNational.com

After many months of hard work and dedication from our team, we are pleased to announce that on June 22, 2021 we launched the new PAAS National® website paasnational.com.

Celebrating 1 Year of License Tracking with the PAAS Vault

“Our pharmacy was previously in the need of a better way to track the expiration of our licenses, certificates, insurance, contracts, etc. The PAAS vault provided us the ability to have one web-based platform that was able to house the necessary documents needed to maintain compliance as well as track upcoming expiration dates. The trial has been very valuable. It has allowed me to play around with the features of this new service and see first-hand the benefit it provides to our compliance program. The part I like best is that I can attach physical documents as well as enter expiration dates where I can quickly see on the dashboard page upcoming expirations that need to be addressed. I would like to be able to use this service in an expanded way in the future. For example being able to store payer audit documents/findings, board of pharmacy inspection reports, and payer contracts for easy retrieval.”

FDA Requests Updated Product Labeling on Insulin Pens

The pharmacy industry has long debated whether one box of insulin pens is considered “unbreakable”. The debate appeared to be settled January 22nd, 2019 when the U.S. Department of Justice issued a press release stating Walgreens agreed to a $209 million fraud settlement with the federal government regarding its billing and dispensing of insulin pens to Medicaid, Medicare Part D and TRICARE patients. Prior to the settlement, Walgreens’ policy was to not dispense any insulin pens in quantities less than one full box, forcing their staff to falsely understate the days’ supply on thousands of claims.

COVID-19 Resources

PAAS National® is proud to support you during these trying times and we want to thank you for your endurance, perseverance, and service to our communities.

GoodRx Shares Consumer Data

GoodRx, the website and app that has a seemingly endless TV marketing budget, has been sharing their consumer data with Facebook, Google, and others according to a recent article by Consumer Reports. During testing, Consumer Reports found that, “a company could infer highly intimate details about GoodRx users suffering from serious chronic conditions and make educated guesses […]